Children’s Worship

Children’s Worship

The purpose of Children’s Worship is to glorify God by teaching young children the truths about God and the Bible. This ministry helps transition children (age 4 through 1st grade) from nursery into the formal Sunday worship preparing them to assume their role in larger corporate worship. It is by no means mandatory, and parents who prefer to worship as a family are encouraged to do so.

Children’s Worship is offered during the 10:30AM worship service. Children who participate in Children’s Worship first worship with their parents, and just before Worship in Giving they are dismissed to go downstairs to the Youth Room (118/120) where we follow an order of worship similar to the adults’ worship:

Opening Prayer
Catechism Explanation or Bible Story
Memory Verse
Prayer Time (for children’s own praises or requests)

The children remain in Children’s Worship until the end of the service when parents then come to 118/120 to pick them up.  Every two weeks children learn a new Bible verse and at least one catechism question along with a related Bible story as they go through the “Catechism for Children.” The curriculum used is published by CMI and is based on the First Children’s Catechism.

Children’s Worship Coordinator: Taylor Callicrate