Online Directory

Online Directory

The church directory is where church attenders and members can access other attender and member information such as mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

How can I access the directory?

We recommend that you use the directory on your smartphone. If you haven’t already, download the Church Center app from your smartphone app store and log in.

You can also access the directory from your desktop at CPC Directory.


What is included in the directory?

You get to choose what personal information is included in the directory.

  • Name – If you choose to hide your name in the directory, none of your other information will be shown. You simply won’t appear in the directory. If you are a part of a household and the household primary contact chooses to not be included in the directory, all other household members will also not appear in the directory.
  • Address – Addresses are household specific. If you are the household primary contact and you would like your primary address to appear under your household, simply turn it on.
  • Phone – Phone numbers are user specific. If you would like your primary phone number to appear under your name, simply turn it on.
  • Email – Email addresses are user specific. If you would like your primary email address to appear under your name, simply turn it on.

Only the primary address, phone, and email will appear in the directory. No secondary information will appear. To change your primary address, phone, or email, simply click the star next to that item to make it the primary.

If you need to change your household’s primary contact, please contact the church office by emailing the office HERE or calling 1 (410) 730-6004.

Who can see the church directory?

Not everyone who has the Church Center app can see your contact information. Only people invited by the church (via email invitation) can see the directory. The directory is for church members and regular attenders. The directory is not part of the church website and is not accessible by the public. Members are responsible for publication of contact information to other members. Options are available for you to hide contact information from other members. If you need help with these options, contact the church office and speak to a staff member. Contact information for those under 18 will be your family’s responsibility to protect. If you are a member of the church and did not receive an invitation to the directory, please contact the office.

I can see private details in my profile. Can everyone see them?

No. If you or someone in your household has private information (like allergies or other medical info.) included in your profile, this information is only viewable by you. The directory info. viewable by others will only include what YOU CHOOSE to include—typically your name, photo, address, phone, and email.

My information is wrong! How can I fix it?

By clicking your picture (or initials) in the upper right corner of the Church Center app on your smartphone, you can edit your contact information or modify your public directory permissions for yourself or for someone in your household. Contact the church office to have someone added or removed from your household. While editing your profile, add a picture so people can see your face!

What if I don’t want to be in the directory?

You can choose to remove select contact information (or your entire profile) from the CPC active member church directory. (We’ll hate to see you go!) This will not remove your information from our church database or remove your membership. Rather, it will only hide this information from other members in the church directory.

How soon are changes visible?

Profile edits are immediate! Directory changes you make will immediately update church systems and your information in the church directory.


By using the Church Center directory, you agree not to use member information for spam, solicitation, slander, publication, or any other use that infringes on member privacy. Never share member information with others who are not active members of Columbia Presbyterian Church (CPC). CPC reserves the right to remove member access to the directory.