Welcome to the CPC Library

The library is located downstairs in the main building, in Room 106. After walking down the stairs or using the elevator, the library is at the end of the hall on the left.

The Library has collections of books, video, and audio for all age levels.
Labels have been added to the shelves to help locate each section. You may search for collections using the computer in the library or from your own home computer or mobile device.



The library is open every Sunday morning. As a resource for CPC members and friends, it is usually available during most church activities also. Intended as a place for individual study, no meetings are to be scheduled or take place in the room. Please be considerate of all those making use of the room for study. Please contact the church office for use during weekdays, 9–5PM.

Borrowing Items

The Library is “self-service” and operates on the honor system. Please complete the card located in the back of each item with the date and your name.  Drop it off in the box on the shelf next to the computer.

The online catalog displays the status of a resource – e.g. whether it is in stock or checked out. If there is an item you find in the catalog, but you cannot find it in the library, please make a request for a recall by emailing Marti Stum, our church librarian.

Returning Items

Items may be returned to the library or the book “drop box” at the end of the hall, just outside the library door.

Loan Periods

  • Books – 3 months
  • CDs, DVDs, and Magazines – 2 weeks

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