Salaam Center

Salaam Center

Salaam Center: Ministering to Refugees

The Salaam Center is a ministry in Baltimore that people at Columbia Pres partner with in ministry. You can read more about the center and ways to contribute on the Salaam Center’s website and facebook page.

Address: 427 Conkling Street Baltimore, MD 21224

POC from CPC: Ken Williams
He is receiving gift bags at his home. Please contact him prior to dropping off.

Letter from Ken Williams:

[slightly edited for reading ease on our website]
There are many needs due to COVID-19 impact for the population this ministry serves. Many refugees who have been employed are often in the lowest, marginal jobs. Most of the people served by the center have large families and are shut into their houses these days, like the rest of us – but many of the parents in these families have either lost their jobs entirely or had their hours drastically cut. I’ve been helping folks apply for increases in food stamp allocations, unemployment benefits, medicaid cards, etc., for the last three weeks.
Reda and Nadia Narouz, the couple who operate the Salaam Center, have asked that churches who support them provide extra support in this time of crisis. The deacons and the local missions committee at CPC have donated generously, but there is a large need for both food items and grocery gift cards to help families survive.
Thank you so much for anything you can provide for these families. 
  • Gift cards: either from Aldi or Wal-mart
  • Gift bags: suggested items to be included
    • Reusable grocery bag
    • Rice (jasmine or basmati)
    • Olive oil or cooking oil
    • Honey
    • Flour
    • Sugar
    • Lipton tea bags (regular)
    • Any kind of nuts
  • Extra items: consider also including
    • Special sweet – box of candy, packaged cookies, etc.
    • Toothpaste
    • Hand cream
    • Shampoo
    • Some kind of kitchen item – dish towel, scrubbie, etc.
    • Other hygiene or kitchen items

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