Understanding Islam Seminar
  • 10001 MD-108
    Columbia, MD 21044

  • Community Room, (downstairs of Ministry Center)

Understanding Islam Seminar

Greetings in the name of the Lord,

The draw of Islam is very prevalent around the world and in America. As Christians we know the truth of the Gospel and its power to transform our lives. We also know the privilege of sharing the Gospel with people who have not come to know Jesus or the forgiveness that He offers.

Dennis and Judy Blankenbeckler have been witnessing to Muslims for over 30 years and worked as missionaries to Muslims for 21 years in Casablanca.

We have an opportunity this fall to host Dennis and hear how the Lord has used him and still does to train believers to be winsome and effective in evangelizing Muslims. Dennis has offered to do a seminar at our church on how to witness to and show love for Muslims with the hope that they will come to believe in Jesus Christ.

I have known Dennis and Judy for decades. Some of you may know them as well. They are genuine followers of Jesus Christ and love Him. Their insights on how to witness to Muslims are timeless and priceless because they come right from The Bible.

Thank you so much, grace and peace in Christ to you all.

Brian C. Wood