IGNITE Men’s Breakfast
  • 10001 MD-108
    Columbia, MD 21044

  • CPC Ministry Center

IGNITE Men’s Breakfast

IGNITE is a workshop. Or maybe it’s a seminar. Or a bunch of presentations.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a chance for CPC men to gather and hear each other’s stories, adventures, skills, wisdom and insights in a fast and furious fashion. It’s a time to get to know some people you might not otherwise hear from or learn something new from guys you already know. It will be fun, serious, and well, anything could happen.

The presenters will be men you may see each Sunday at CPC or sit next to in church or in a Community Group. You might hear from an elder, a schoolteacher, rocket scientist, entrepreneur, accountant, baker or candlestick maker.

We’re looking for speakers and slots are filling up. Register as “Attending (interested in presenting)” and complete the form. We anticipate having more applications than slots so make sure this submission form is in by Wednesday, November 13.

There will also be food. In addition to the 5-min Talks given by various men, Pastor Randy Lovelace will be a keynote speaker.

Potential Topics

  • Tell about an experience that radically shaped your faith
  • Tell about a time you failed miserably. And why it was a good thing
  • Tell about the moment you understood God’s grace. What was it like?
  • Teach us something that only you know how to do
  • How did you become a Christian?
  • What is an extraordinary skill God has given you?
  • What’s the greatest piece of advice ever given to you?


  • Your presentation must be exactly 5 minutes
  • You must have exactly 5 Powerpoint slides
  • You may bring props instead of slides
  • You must turn in your slides 48 hours before the event


  • Practice your presentation with your slides
  • Time yourself. Then time yourself again. Then again.
  • Use highly visual slides or even just images. No need for lots of bullet points and text

Sample of some of last year’s topics:

  • Why Africa Imports $50 Billion of Food Each Year (Jon Vandenheuvel)
  • Appalachian Trail: The Approach (PD Mayfield)
  • From West Virginia, to Boston, the Cross and Switchfoot (Michael Dransfield)
  • Application of Systems Engineering Processes to Existing Project Management Processes (Jeremy Weber)
  • Dream Posters and Delight-Directed Activities (David Scheerer)