Momentum Men’s Ministry

Momentum Men’s Ministry

Momentum is the name of the men’s ministry at Columbia Presbyterian Church in Columbia Maryland. The reason we exist is to create and foster a community of men within our congregation by providing a context for social and interpersonal interaction. In other words, it’s a place to make friends, go deeper, and live out the Gospel in community with other guys.

Mission of Momentum

The mission of momentum is to build integrated, Gospel-centered communities of men, living out God’s Word and work in their lives.

  • build: an ongoing development.
  • integrated: men in each other’s lives, “life-with-life,” versus just “event-based” connecting.
  • Gospel-centered: it is only in Jesus that we can see these relationships transform us. The Gospel applied through intimate relationships is life-changing.
  • communities: this will not be a monolithic entity, but rather, many communities with a common identity.
  • living out: real relationships happen within our lives, not as a compartment on the side.
  • God’s Word: The Holy Spirit is our trans-formative agent, and His Word is the Spirit’s voice.
  • God’s Work:  We are called to serve, and not just navel-gaze.

Regular Opportunities

  • Retired Men’s WCF study continues at 7:30 AM via Zoom. | JOIN GROUP
  • Men’s Breakfast: Faith, Food & Fellowship, 6:45 AM, Thursdays. Email Sandy Sharp if you can come. We are meeting virtually, weekly, for the time being.|  JOIN GROUP
  • Hoops Basketball – Tuesday evenings
  • Board Game Nights –  will be added to calendar as scheduled.

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