Ephesians 5:3 Men’s Accountability

Ephesians 5:3 Men’s Accountability

CPC’s Ephesians 5:3 Men’s Ministry is a grace-based, gospel-driven and Christ-centered support group for men who want to find freedom from the bondage of sexual addiction.

We are committed to seeing men redeemed, empowered, and strengthened by the power of the gospel, and we believe that God is pleased to bring healing and restoration when we open our hearts and our lives with other men who struggle.

Do you need to join the E5:3 group? If so, we’re here for you! We meet weekly. If you need to be here, we’re here for you.


Are You Ensnared in Sexual Sin?

Make no mistake, we live in a sex-obsessed and sex-saturated society. From without and within, sex and sexuality are in our faces night and day, and most of this exposure does not fit within God’s plan for sex. Little wonder that so many men, even Christian men, find themselves caught up in the web of sexual addiction.

Have you been trapped by a behavior that you just can’t stop? Perhaps it’s an addiction to pornography. Or perhaps it’s lustful looks and thoughts that you feel powerless to resist. Or adultery. Or worse. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: you’re not alone. There are others out there who are going through what you’re going through, who have fallen into sexual addiction but are convinced of their need to change and are committed to recovery and purity and growth. Getting connected to brothers like these is a fundamental and an instrumental part of the recovery and growth of any addict.

Who We Are

Created in January 2001 as a response to the Biblical mandate to Christian men to live lives of purity and integrity, the Ephesians 5:3 Men’s Ministry of CPC (E5:3) is a place where men who struggle with sexual purity can find hope, strength, and support. We believe firmly that open, honest, and frequent connection to other men is indispensable to winning the struggle against sexual addiction.

Our purpose is to provide a safe, healthy, encouraging and honest context for men who struggle with sexual addiction to share their struggles and themselves with others, to be challenged, built up, and mentored by others, and in return to challenge, build up, and mentor others.

Our vision is to grow in number and in influence, to see the size and scope of our ministry continually broadening, to become a welcoming point for new members, both within CPC and in our community in general, and also to provide a compassionate and open context for non-believers to join and hear the good news of the saving grace of Christ.

Recommended Resources

While books alone are never enough (we need our brothers!), we hope that these resources will help you on a path of freedom from sexual addition and recovery.