Community Groups

Community Groups


Gospel Community involves LIFE-WITH-LIFE relationships. Life with Jesus Christ and life with one another.

Community Groups flow from CPC’s desire to experience and extend the grace of Jesus Christ to one another. They are an important context to experience grace that transforms lives, relationships, and community.

Community Groups are a place where the Bible, prayer, and personal care weave together. A church of our size is not conducive for each person to connect with every one. But everyone can connect with someone in Community Groups.

CPC Community Groups provide context for Gospel Community

  • Groups includes study of the Bible, but not just a Bible Study
  • Groups includes prayer together, but not just a prayer meeting
  • Groups includes relational connection, but not just a fellowship gathering
  • Groups includes mutual care, but not just group counseling
  • Groups includes friendship, but not just a place for only your friends

Need help connecting to a group? Want to help start a new group? ​

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