Posts by Julie Iwaskiw

Posts by Julie Iwaskiw

Where To Go?

I remember back to the start of 1985.  I was making a pro-con list for what I would do with my life when I graduated that May. It wasn’t clear which road I would take yet, but I felt confident that I could handle any path I chose. There would be challenges, but I welcomed them. It was just me, God, and opportunity. Fast forward to this first week of 2021. I’m looking down…

Wait For It

In March, I was waiting for Easter dinner with the family. In May, I was waiting for our vacation out West. In July, I was waiting for meeting in homes again, Sunday worship without masks, and Ravens games at M&T Bank stadium. I’m still waiting. We are all still waiting. As I take a moment to reflect on how I have been reacting to these last six months, I can see how…

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