Ben Douglass Bio

Ben Douglass Bio

Ben’s Bio:

The ministry that brought the gospel to me in High School is called Young Life. This is where the gospel of God sending His one and only Son, Jesus, to die for my sins and bring me back into right relationship with God was planted into my heart. Those seeds didn’t fully bloom until after college when I surrendered my life to serve and follow Jesus. My first big

move was becoming a volunteer Young Life leader in Columbus Ohio from 2011-2015. The mission involves reaching out and befriending middle and high school aged students, along with bringing the gospel to them through weekly clubs, bible studies, and year-end camps.

Laura and I married in 2016 bringing our lives together in mutual desire to serve the Kingdom of God. In 2018, God led us to an opportunity to serve overseas in Uganda at a secondary school living with and discipling 24 teenage boys. We moved back to Maryland after almost a year in Uganda praying for God to open a door to continue serving in student ministry. God answered these prayers providing an opportunity for me to rejoin the ministry that brought me the gospel in the first place as a lost and hurting teenager. We are honored to serve the ministry of Young Life in Howard County and continually ask God to raise up more laborers for the harvest which is plentiful (Luke 10:2). Thank you for your prayers and a desire for the gospel to be known to students!