Local Missions

Local Missions

Columbia Presbyterian Church has a local missions team which oversees our supporting and involvement of missions and ministries within 50 miles of our location in Columbia, MD.  Our goal as a committee is to not only become involved in local missions but to actively encourage, involve and educate our congregation in local missions opportunities and needs.

We are driven by the Great Commission found in Matt 28:18-20 and Jesus’s last words to His disciples in Acts 1:8 to be His witnesses both locally and globally.

Local Missions Priorities

In conjunction with the CPC Missions Strategy approved in October 2018 the Local Missions Committee of Columbia Presbyterian Church agrees to the general prioritization guidelines for local missions requests.

  1. Missions must be in agreement with the authority of scripture, the work of Christ alone for salvation and salvation by grace alone.
  2. Missions should be addressing the whole counsel of God meaning addressing both spiritual and physical issues of humanity.
  3. Missions should afford the general membership of CPC the opportunity to be able to be involved in the ministry in some fashion.  Ministries where CPC members are already involved will get priority.
  4. Missions that address spiritual and physical needs of poor, oppressed or disadvantaged people groups per James 1:26-27.
Local Missions supported by Columbia Presbyterian include:


We seek to provide a solid basketball experience built on the foundation of our three core values. Those areas are character, honor and hope in Christ. Character and Honor can at times be difficult to find in today’s sports. We seek to encourage participants in these areas by providing an encouraging environment that is laid on the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus…

English Language Classes

Free English Classes Tuesdays at 7 PM, September – May We are very happy to welcome you to the English Language Ministry of Columbia Presbyterian Church. We know that life in America can be difficult if you do not speak English well. To help you we have English classes for adults on Tuesday nights from September through May. We currently have five levels of classes…

World Relief

Word Relief:  Andrew Secrist, Baltimore Office Vision: In a world focused on quick fixes, we are fighting for lasting change as we empower the church to serve the most vulnerable. At our Baltimore Immigration Legal Clinic, we are serving refugees and immigrants in holistic and sustainable ways, helping them to move from the margins into a place of thriving. Andrew’s…

Salaam Center

Salaam Center: Ministering to Refugees The Salaam Center is a ministry in Baltimore that people at Columbia Presbyterian partner with in ministry. You can read more about the center and ways to contribute on the Salaam Center’s website and facebook page. October 9, 2020: Here is a recent newsletter from MNA featuring the ministry! Address: 427 Conkling Street…

Young Life

Columbia Presbyterian Church supports Young Life in Howard County.  Ben Douglass in the area director. Ben’s Bio: The ministry that brought the gospel to me in High School is called Young Life. This is where the gospel of God sending His one and only Son, Jesus, to die for my sins and bring me back into right relationship with God was planted into my heart. Those…