Global Missions (Page 2)

Global Missions (Page 2)

The good news of God’s grace moves from our hearts out into the world, in ever-expanding circles from our neighborhoods, spilling out into our region, and into the rest of the world. Our World Missions Team partners with people who are taking the message and mercy of Jesus out into the rest of the United States and around the globe.  Our desire is to send the good news of God’s kingdom out until every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to hear and respond to the call of salvation. We want to see many becoming disciples of Jesus and maturing in healthy local churches.

We focus on a few close partnerships, missionaries and workers with whom we share close relationships, strategic cooperation, and material support.

Missionaries we support:


Demps and Kristy Dempsey – Campus Outreach – Brazil
Pablo and Sarah Cenepo-Torres – Hogar de Esperanza – Peru


Robbie and Dena Pennington – Campus Outreach – Troy University, Alabama
Jim Carter – Presbyterian & Reformed Commission on Chaplains – United States
Jeff and Amy Dowdy – Campus Outreach – University of Alabama, Birmingham
Raul and Viviane Pacheco – Campus Outreach – Birmingham, Alabama


Craig and Ree Coulbourne – Mission to the World – Japan
Dan and Carol Iverson – Mission to the World – Japan
Linda Karner – Mission to the World – Japan
S&T – Pioneers – SE Asian City
Andrew and Megan Nairn are working toward arriving in Japan as part of the Community Arts Tokyo team
Steve and Sehee Kang are preparing for mission in Taiwan



Dick and Linda Barnes – Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Services (ACCTS)
Laura Ball – Mission to the World – Ukraine


Wellinton da Silva – Campus Outreach – Brisbane, Australia


Matthew and Maggie Loftus – Pioneers – Kenya
Dr. Wayne Koch – Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons – Cameroon
Katherine Hines – Hines Ugandan Ministries – Uganda


P&R – Pioneers
B&S – Church Planters – Middle Eastern City
R&M are learning a language and preparing to join a team in a Middle Eastern country

Global Plant Partnership