Global Plant Partnership

Global Plant Partnership

CPC’s Global Plant Partnership supports strategic church planting efforts that share our passion and vision for reaching unreached or under-reached nations. By committing significant resources to new church plants over the long term, we hope to bring the gospel to places and people who do not yet know what Jesus Christ has done for them. 

CPC has a long history of supporting new churches around the world, beginning with an investment in new church plants in Japan that began more than 30 years ago and continues to this day. Comunidade Horizonte in Belo Horizonte, Brazil followed.  In 2015, CPC formalized the program and began partnering with Grace Harbor Church in Tokyo. In addition to the support provided directly to the church, CPC sent teams of basketball coaches and assistants to conduct youth basketball camps in Tokyo each summer. These camps have served as a means for two churches – Grace Harbor and Uruyasu Grace – to make contact and develop relationships with families in their community.

 Long-term relationships with church plants bring a greater focus to our global missions efforts overall. These partnerships have spawned numerous short-term missions trips over the years, and deep relationships between CPC and individual church planters. Our secondary goal is that through the experiences of short-term trips and an up-close view of the work that missionaries do, God would work in the hearts of his people and help CPC members become more engaged in kingdom work around the globe.

 In 2018, CPC began a Global Plant Partnership with a team seeking to establish a new church in a pivotal city in the Middle East. Today, a small church is flourishing in the heart of a major Middle Eastern city, and people are finding their way into a community that demonstrates the grace and mercy of Jesus. 


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