CPC Missions Strategy

CPC Missions Strategy

CPC Missions Strategy adopted October 2018 

The following document is intended to serve as an overall missions strategy from the missions committee of Columbia Presbyterian Church.  As such it is not meant to have specific details but is meant to provide priorities, preferred ways of doing business, emphasis areas, and areas of focus that we believe should be part of our overall vision statement and fulfillment of the Great Commission.

General Tenets

We believe that the primary and ultimate goal of the church is the glory of God in worship. God is calling the nations to find joy and gladness in worshiping him. Missions, as an activity of the church, is an outgrowth of our desire to see people of every tongue, tribe, and nation join us in worship and glory with us in the greatness of God. Therefore, we believe that missions must be the responsibility of every believer, and every member of CPC. Our goal is that every member participate in missions, either through going, praying, giving, or providing material support, recognizing the church has diverse gifts, talents and abilities. We will accomplish this through proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ so that people come to faith in Jesus and live for Him.

Our core beliefs lead to the following principles as the tenets of our strategy.

  1. A focus on education including teaching on the Biblical basis of missions, the gospel content, and reporting on the missions work being done at CPC.
  2. Providing missions opportunities that include all ages, both domestic and international opportunities, and locations in the world where our congregation will be able to be tangibly involved.
  3. Focusing on continuing relationships where repeat trips and service opportunities will lead to equipping of the saints to carry on indigenous efforts.
  4. Leveraging partnerships with Evangelical organizations where possible to maximize impact and resources.
  5. Making a financial priority to support persons coming out of CPC going into the missions field both short and long term.


Decisions on funding of missionaries, educational opportunities related to missions, the type, location, and duration of missions trips sponsored by CPC and any other related work of the missions committee will be governed by these overarching principles.  The committee will review our strategy annually and will update as necessary.