Fall 2021 Opportunities

Fall 2021 Opportunities

Fall Kick Off will be this coming Sunday morning at 9:30AM in the main hall. Vicki Vandenheuvel will introduce teachers for the CPC Kids classes, and Rob Gicking will introduce the class for the youth. The children and youth will be dismissed with their teachers for the remainder of the class hour. Adults will also be dismissed to gather in the Community Room downstairs to hear introductions for class options this fall.

Sunday morning classes are one of the ways for connection and spiritual formation at Columbia Pres. We offer classes as an opportunity to study various books of the Bible or explore various topics with others. We invite you to connect and engage with one of the following!

Ezra & Nehemiah | Bill Sciannella, Room 103

This class is an interactive, discussion oriented exploration of Ezra and Nehemiah. The time for Israel after the exile was a time of hope and renewal after one of the darkest times in their history.  There was so much to do with Israel coming together again as a people. These two books provide two perspectives: one from a priest and one from a governor on what the priorities of the church and individual believers should be. These perspectives guide us how to place hope and trust in God and not ourselves.  | JOIN CLASS

The Gospel Shape of the Christian Life | PD Mayfield, Community Room
This weekly class will look at the shape of the Gospel forming our mind, heart, and hands. The weekly discussion will be based upon the book J-Curve: Dying & Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life. I encourage you to purchase the book (though not required) for your personal study. There is also a companion “Discussion Guide” for purchase (optional). This will enhance the Sunday morning teaching and discussions. This class will be through fall and spring. | JOIN CLASS

I Give Up | Debbie Koch & Kelli Mayfield, Room 107
But I don’t want to surrender! It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s human to want to be in control.  But when your need for peace surpasses your desire for control, God-who truly uses all things for our good-demonstrates how much we can trust him. The very act of completely surrendering our will to his can become the one act that will change your life forever.  During these 5 sessions together during the Sunday School hour, we will spend time listening, discussing, and praying through this topic with other CPC women.  Will you consider being there? This class tentatively begins on Sunday, Oct. 17.  | JOIN CLASS

Prayer for Mission Partners | Details Pending
Come and learn more about various CPC mission partners.  The format of this time will be divided into two parts: 1) brief background information about who we support and the work they engage; and 2) time in prayer together on their behalf. Start date and location still pending.  | JOIN CLASS

Preschool Ages 2 – 4
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade  | JOIN CLASS
3rd – 5th Grade

Middle & High School, Old Testament Survey | JOIN CLASS


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