New City Catechism

New City Catechism

As mentioned in a previous post, we will be using New City Catechism this year for our CPC Kids class materials.

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Why catechism?

Melanie Lace, one of the writers of the New City Catechism, summarized it well:
“To catechize children is to build their worldview, to teach them from Scripture about the world, and to inform their interactions with those they will live, play, learn, and work alongside.
As your family learns these series of questions and answers, your children will be building a framework that helps them to make sense of the complex situations and concepts they encounter in their life by viewing it through the lens of Scripture.
Additionally, the writers of this catechism made a clear bridge between head knowledge and application for hearts and lives. They included a list of virtues like awe, forgiveness, joy, perseverance, etc. The goal is that these tie-ins offer the learners a way to respond to the truth they are learning.
For example: Question 21
Q: “What sort of Redeemer is needed to bring us back to God?”
A: “One who is truly human and also truly God.”
The scriptural foundation for this question and answer is (Isaiah 9:6) and points us to the virtue of forgiveness. Because Jesus was both fully human and fully God, the debt of sin has been fully paid leading us to experience the full forgiveness from the Father. This is a wonderful truth to bring to mind as you read the Bible with your children.
Why did the Gospel writer include the detail that Jesus ate a fish after being resurrected? Ah, he was fully human before death and completely physical after the resurrection. He ate just like us. | John 21:9-14
Why did the Gospel writer include that Jesus knew all about the Samaritan woman before she told Him anything? Oh, yes, He was fully God and knows all things. | John 4:7-26
The catechism is using truths from Scripture to help our children understand Scripture!
Sound like a lot? I think you will be amazed at what they are able to memorize and absorb. Your children’s brains are sponges. The fullness of what they are learning may not come to mind until they are older and realize how to apply these truths to all the new information they encounter on a daily basis. How beautiful to learn a truth that will stick with them for a lifetime!

New City Catechism’s Layout

There are three sections: 
  1. God, Creation, Fall, Law (Questions 1-20)
  2. Christ, Redemption, Grace (Questions 21-35)
  3. Spirit, Restoration, Growing in Grace (Questions 36-52)
There will only be 10 weeks for the fall semester. We will only get through half of section 1 this fall.

A Church Wide Memory Program!

Our church is part of a wider tradition. A common motto sometimes heard around our fellow PCA churches:
” Faithful to the Scriptures, True to the Reformed faith, and Obedient to the Great Commission “
We believe the Westminster Confession of Faith , Shorter Catechism, and Larger Catechism are true summaries of what Scripture teaches . The New City Catechism will not replace our commitment to our church’s confessional standards. But it serves as another tool to impart the truth, beauty, and love of God.
We are excited about this tool assisting our little ones. Additionally, the middle and high school class will also be studying this same topic. Our prayer is that families will have opportunities to review these questions and verses during their meals or at bedtime.
This curriculum was designed to be appropriate for the entire church. Even if you do not have a child in our program, we invite you to join with us in memorizing them.
Consider asking a child one of the questions, and be encouraged as the Church walks together by faith in our God!
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