Wait For It

Wait For It

In March, I was waiting for Easter dinner with the family. In May, I was waiting for our vacation out West. In July, I was waiting for meeting in homes again, Sunday worship without masks, and Ravens games at M&T Bank stadium. I’m still waiting. We are all still waiting.

As I take a moment to reflect on how I have been reacting to these last six months, I can see how I’ve flip-flopped between two attitudes. First, I am resigned. This may never end. Don’t think about what might be in the future. Just accept the facts of the situation and live with them. Sigh. Second, I will just wait it out. Don’t start anything new. Just get through it. Life will begin again after the vaccine. Hang in there.

But neither of these positions is what God desires. He desires for me to both live my fullest life now and also live in expectant hope for what He will do in the future. Peter’s second letter to believers has been a balm to my wearied, waiting soul. While I wait, “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness”. Also, I can live in this moment, looking forward to “His precious and very great promises” which He has granted to me.

So waiting is a gift. I can live here in 2020 at 100%, while I wait to live in a future new heavens and new earth at 100%. This “now and not yet” life that COVID has forced upon us is exactly the life that God has laid out for us in His love. What a comfort.

May I challenge you to take some time to ask God to show more of Himself to you right now in this extraordinary moment in His story? What might this Fall look like in your life, knowing that His divine power has given you all you need for life? Talk to friends about it. Journal. Gather your family together. Step out in faith to live a life designed for you by the One who created your inmost being.


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