Upcoming Opportunities this Fall

Upcoming Opportunities this Fall

Greetings Church!

The past six months have been disorienting. An endless vacation where you have to continue to work. A vacation where it rains everyday and you can’t go outside. And so, every day is putting together a puzzle. Except this puzzle is 1000+ pieces all one color. Having fun yet?

As the fall begins, life presents another puzzle. What will be schedules for school? What about extracurricular activities? What are your comfort levels for participating?

The encouragement from the Lord remains. He is with us (Matthew 28:20) and he gives us rest (Matthew 11:28). In the midst of scurrying about it is important to stop. Breathe.

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46.10 ESV

May the Lord use this season to grow Columbia Pres in faith, hope, and love. May the Lord grow us corporately and individually as a people who have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13). May we be transformed by the living God as we follow Jesus Christ, equipped and encouraged by the Holy Spirit.

As you put your puzzle together for this fall, consider how you might grow as a disciple of Jesus. Consider committing yourself to a few things: corporate worship (in-person or join us on the live stream), participate in a community group, and maybe engage with a class or Bible study. Below is some information about opportunities to facilitate your spiritual formation.

The Lord be with you. Stay safe and well. May the Lord grow our patience, endurance, and love during this time. Connect with someone to show care. Connect with someone to express your need for care.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor P.D. Mayfield

Where to find information? Check out Church Center

Our website is a great place to start. We also use a platform called Planning Center for our church administration and planning. Planning Center is like the engine under the hood, and Church Center is the car that we ride in to get around. | VIEW ONLINE | DOWNLOAD THE APP

Community Groups

Community Groups generally take a break over the summer. Due to COVID-19, many groups continued meeting. Where many groups meet twice a month, several groups started meeting weekly.

Community Groups flow from CPC’s desire to experience and extend the grace of Jesus Christ to Columbia, the region, and the world. Community Groups are places to build relationships and where the Bible, prayer, and personal care weave together. A church of our size is not conducive for each person to connect with every one. But every one can connect with some one in community groups.

Groups start back early to mid September and run through the end of May or early June. We desire Community Groups to reflect geographic proximity more and more. We understand that doesn’t always work for everyone, so people can join other groups. | JOIN GROUP

Classes on Sundays – Starting Sept. 20

We offer a number of opportunities to grow in Christian faith and living. These discipleship opportunities include things like Sunday morning classes and Bible studies. Come join us as we learn and grow together! | We are asking people to signup for these classes due to COVID-19 precautions. | REGISTER HERE

  • Intro to Christian Ethics: Formed by God’s Way & Practicing God’s Love
    Sundays, 10AM | More details to come | Join Class
    Teacher: Pastor P.D. Mayfield | Location: Community Room & Zoom
  • Romans, Part 2: chapter 9-15
    Sundays, 10AM | Join Class
    Teacher: Bill Sciannella, elder | Location: Zoom
  • CPC Youth – Middle & High School
    Sundays, 10AM | New City Catechism curriculum | Join Group
    Location: Youth Room/Patio (also online is being considered)
    POC: Katie Schilling, Ministry Fellow/Youth Apprentice
  • CPC Kids – preK-5th Graders
    Sundays, 10AM | New City Catechism curriculum | Join Group for Parents
    Teacher: Vicki Vandenheuvel, Dir. of Children’s Ministry | Location: Potter’s House Patio (outside weather permitting)

Studies at Other Times

  • Women’s Bible Study
    Tuesdays, 10AM beginning Sept 15 | Learn More
    Leaders: Lorna Sharp & Mae Beth Williams | Location: Zoom
  • Women’s Book Discussion: A Beautiful Community
    Thursdays, 7:30PM, beginning Sept. 17 | Learn More
    Teacher: Joanna Scheerer | Location: TBD
  • Study of Ruth & Esther: Stories of God’s Redemptive Grace
    Wednesdays, 7PM beginning Sept. 23 | Learn More
    Teachers: Anthony Swon, elder; Julie Iwaskiw, staff | Location: Zoom
  • Financial Peace University
    Wednesdays, 7PM beginning Sept 23 | Learn More
    Teacher: Kendall Morton | Location: CPC

Youth and Kids

  • CPC Youth – Middle and High School will have opportunities at various times. Contact Katie Shilling for details.
  • Pioneer Girls will have a modified schedule. Contact Emily Brown for details.
  • Children Service Brigade will have modified schedule. Contact Mark Shoger for details.