New Arrivals at CPC Library

New Arrivals at CPC Library

Written by Martha Stum, CPC Librarian

New Arrivals

CPC Library has recently acquired new books through either donation or purchase! Come browse the shelves in person or search our online catalog from your home computer or mobile device.

This post will present two categories of recent additions: Bible stories for the young reader and texts on Systematic Theology.

Bible Stories

For children age 3-6, these are beautifully illustrated and well-written stories from the Gospels. Perfect for bed-time story-time!

  • One O’clock Miracle – Jesus healing the nobleman’s son; teaches the power of Jesus’ words and trusting Him.
  • The Storm That Stopped – Jesus calming a storm; teaches who Jesus really is as the disciples witness His power over nature.
  • The Friend Who Forgives – Jesus forgiving Peter; points children to the One who forgives again and again and again.
  • The Garden, Curtain & the Cross – The story of redemption; this book retells the Easter story with the full scope of the Bible in view.

Systematic Theology

With a recent book sale, we amplified our collection of books on Christian theology. These range from classics that give traditional, orderly accounts of basic doctrines to a graphical presentation of theological concepts.

And why might you want to put one of these on your “to be read” list? From a recent CPC sermon:

“Your belief about God and doctrine and theology matter because it will play itself out in the life of the church.” 
~ Pastor John Song, 5/5/2019)

And so besides hearing the Word, we study it too, and these are words from respected Reformed theologians:

  • Herman Bavinck – Reformed Dogmatics. Known as one of the most important theological works of the twentieth century, this is an abridged one-volume summary of Bavinck’s  4-volume work.
  • Joel Beeke – Reformed Systematic Theology. Vol. 1 – Revelation and God. The first of a planned 4 volume set, this volume includes discussions about the nature of revelation, general and special revelation, the trinity, and God’s attributes. Included at the end of each chapter is an appropriate hymn and questions for discussion or meditation.
  • John Frame – Systematic Theology. John Frame is a professor at Reformed Theological Seminary. This text is similar in structure to Beeke’s work, but Frame manages to get a complete study all in one volume. (though it IS over 1,000 pages). Like Beeke, he includes questions at the end of each chapter, but also adds suggested memory verses and resources for further study.
  • Jim Orrick – Mere Calvinism. Using real life illustrations and writing in a very readable style, Orrick gives us a good basic introduction to the concepts presented in Calvin’s “Institutes.”

Tim Challies – Visual Theology. This book presents theological concepts using a variety of graphics to accompany the text. The organization is also different from the usual systematic outline, divided simply into four sections: 1. Grow close to Christ. 2. Understand the work of Christ. 3. Become like Christ, and 4. Live for Christ.

[This book] presents the concepts and the principles of systematic theology in a fresh, beautiful, and transformative way. Using graphic displays and text that go hand in hand, this unique resource helps you connect the truth of the Bible to life application.

Stay tuned for blogs on other topics or materials made available through the Library. And contact Martha Stum with your questions or suggestions.