Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

We hope you and your families had a wonderful season of celebrating and rejoicing in all the Lord has provided in 2018. And we pray that the Lord shows you his grace and mercy, yet again, in 2019.

As our culture discusses resolutions and goals, consider a few things:

  • What do you need this year?
  • Where are you tempted to find or fulfill what you need apart from Jesus Christ?
  • How can you trust in the Lord this year to meet you and provide for your needs?
  • How can you walk in community in these things? Consider inviting 1-2 people to walk alongside with you and for one another this year.

Instead of trying to fit God into your plans, ask whether your goals reflect God’s purposes. What adjustments might need to be made in 2019?

Bible Reading Plans

You can easily find Bible reading plans online. Ligonier Ministries has a really great compilation list. Don’t over think it. Pick one and just start. If (and when) you fall behind, just start up again. You can always go back and catch up later; it’s also okay to just move on ahead. The point is using the means by which God has provided to meet with him.

In January, the pastoral staff will begin a new sermon series in 1 Thessalonians. Follow along and journal your reflections in an ESV Journaling Bible.



Through your time in God’s Word, also engage with Him through prayer. The CPC office produces a weekly prayer guide. There is a group that meets on Monday nights to pray, and there is an email group that distributes various prayer needs. Consider these ways to inform your prayers that include others at CPC, in our community, and throughout the world.

Also, consider one of these books on prayer this year:

Other Resources for Devotional Reading

What other areas would you like to explore and grow in the understanding of your mind, vitality of your heart, and the habits in your life? Let us know how we can help.

For 2019, I encourage you to actively pursue and participate in God’s means of his grace: from His Word; through prayer (in the privacy of your devotional practices and with others); and by participating in His Sacraments.

May the God of grace pour out his abundant grace to you this year.